Hit The Christmas Elves is a fun Christmas game. In this game, the snowman and the elves must throw snowballs at the blocks to break them. Merry Christmas!

Hit the Christmas Elves is a fun game that a bunch of joyful Christmas elves and snowmen decided to play. You will share in their enjoyment. Your snowman will be displayed on the screen in a specific location. There will be squares with images of elves at a certain height from it. Each square will also display a number. It refers to how many hits must be made to a given object before it is destroyed. You can nudge your snowman to the right or left by using the control keys. Once you've chosen your objectives, use your mouse to click on the screen. When your snowman starts throwing snowballs, those that hit the squares will smash them to pieces. You will receive points for this in the video game Hit the Christmas Elves. You can play some of our other games like Slope Racing, Rebel Gamio and Smash Ball 3D.

How to play: Play this game using your mouse.