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Geometry Dash Lite


Welcome you to the familiar game theme of the running game! In particular, the outstanding name paid attention to during recent times called Geometry Dash Lite. Are you ready to find out and experience this seemly endless running game?

About Geometry Dash Lite

Geometry Dash Lite is a game about thrilling adventures. Fly your way, overcome obstacles through many fascinating levels, and complete them brilliantly.

Some basic information about the endless running game

Geometry Dash Lite will always be the first game mentioned when discussing online running games. With simple controls and striking graphics, it is an engaging running game that helps players experience intriguing adventures. Fans and new players alike are always impressed by the game's vibrant neon graphics when they play it for the first time. Play this game right away to pass the time!

It is a fact that the game is the innovative version of the Geometry Dash game. You might discover some similarities and differences between these two games after playing this volume. Players can experience thrilling adventures in both of these games. Use your character to navigate dangerous obstacles during thrilling races. The game's difficulty will be broken down into modes in particular. Your character can be controlled in a similar manner compared to the previous version. It is simple to control with a mouse or spacebar.

Characters of Geometry Dash Lite

There are seven different game characters that have their own appearance and benefits. However, you just can unlock each character at a certain level. The below information is something about these seven characters:

  • Cube character: It is the basic appearance of the game that you will control when you start playing this game. As you press space to jump, this cube will rotate and jump.
  • Ship character: After you conquer some levels, you have the chance to experience a new environment. In specific, your cube will transfer into a ship to adapt to this new environment. Click for the Ship to fly to the top and release it to fly to the bottom are controls you need to remember.
  • Ball character: This ball character is used for the slope area. You take control of the ball to avoid colliding with the barriers in the sloping road.
  • UFO character: This character owns the flying ability. Let's use your computer mouse to navigate the UFO flying in the air.
  • Wave character: This character is considered a special character because of its moving with a zigzag way of flying.
  • Spider characters: True to its name, this game character will move like a spider.

Game modes

This advanced version has up to 15 game modes for people to enjoy. Each mode has unique challenges and difficulties. Of course, each mode also owns its own great graphics and sound effects. Stereo Madness, Back On Track, Base After Base, and Dry Out are some ultimate game modes that we can mention here and are often played the most.


In short, Geometry Dash Lite is no limitation in the playing times. Therefore, players can enjoy this game again and again to find out their best ability. After that, continue your journey to dominate the leaderboard. What are you waiting for without pressing the start button and playing right now? It's sure that the game will give you the most satisfied feeling ever.