Race track in Slope Racing

Slope Racing is a race on extreme terrain. However, it is your opportunity to get back to interesting off-road vehicles and witness strange roads.

Your mission in Slope Racing

In this game, you will play as an excellent off-road racer. Your task is to drive your car to move forward, and collect necessary items such as gas cans and as many coins as possible. However, the terrain in this game is quite complicated and bumpy, so you need to be very careful not to overturn the car. If this happens, you will lose and have to start over. Therefore, you need to brake or accelerate at the right time. In addition, the game also tells you how much gas you have left to continue the distance through the gas bar in the upper corner of the screen, and the journey bar tells you where you are on the map. When it comes to racing games, surely those who like this game genre will remember Moto X3M: Pool Party. This is also a very attractive moto racing game with extremely dangerous obstacles.

How to control

Use the arrow keys to control.

The features

When starting the race of Slope Racing, you will be given a default car. However, after experiencing the races, you have accumulated some coins, and you can unlock another car you like. In Slope Racing, there are many great off-road vehicles such as Jeep, F1, Pull, Monster,... The more expensive the car, the more coins you have to pay. In addition, before entering the track, you can also make upgrades to make your car more powerful and you will be safer. And remember to prepare enough gas to make your trip smooth. In particular, in Slope Racing, there are many racetrack maps for you to choose from. You can drive on snowy terrain, over a green mountain, or even desert terrain. Really attractive!