About Getting Over It

Getting Over It is an endless game in which you have to climb mountains with your ore pickaxe and collect gold coins. To break the high score record in this game

In truth, the video game Getting Over It is a 2D cartoon game with a mountain climbing vertical version clearance. You must climb the mountain in this never-ending game while using an ore hoe to gather the gold coins. The rhythmic rotation of the ore hoe is a crucial game tip. To set a new high score record in "Getting Over It," maintain your composure.

The player may lose some or all of their progress at any time, forcing them to restart repeatedly. It's just you, a hammer, and the difficulty of scaling a mountain. The game's creator, Bennett Foddy, may occasionally provide inspirational philosophical comments or when the player has significantly halted their progress.

The challenge is difficult enough when used with the intended controllers, a mouse, or a touchscreen device. HandOfBlood was forced to use a foam hammer with an unreliable homemade control system that included a laser point and a receiver. Before even attempting to beat the game's initial obstacle of a single tree, HandOfBlood had to first figure out how the motion controls actually worked because they were nothing like the character's on-screen movements. He spent 36 minutes doing that.

How to play:

  • Using Mouse
  • Swing left-right, right-left to move