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Getting Over It


Noteworthy information about Getting Over It

Getting Over It is an endless game where you have to climb mountains with your pickaxe and collect gold coins. Try to break the high-score record in this game.


In truth, this is a 2D cartoon game with a mountain climbing vertical version clearance. You must climb the mountain in this never-ending game while using an ore pickaxe to gather the gold coins. The rhythmic rotation of the ore pickaxe is a crucial game tip. To set a new high score record in the game, you should maintain your composure.

You must avoid obstacles and scale hundreds of vibrant platforms in order to travel as far as possible. Pass every obstacle by securing your character's pickaxe to the terrain. Remember that you must really take caution because the treacherous terrain will trap you. If you do not know how to navigate your character, you may lose some or all of your progress at any time. If you want to advance gradually, think carefully about what you do. In addition, you also attempt to push your character as far as you can before giving up. It is just you, a pickaxe, and the difficulty of scaling a mountain. The game's creator, Bennett Foddy, may occasionally provide inspirational philosophical comments or when the player has significantly halted their progress. After completing the game, you can join Bitlife to continue enjoying it. It is one of the most exciting games.

This game was made by Griffpatch and launched in April 2020. Actually, Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is the inspiration for this game. However, their background, character, and obstacles are different. This will bring you a fresh playing experience. Note that this game can be accessed on both PC and mobile devices. Therefore, you can play it anytime and anywhere as long as you have spare time.

How to play

  • Using Mouse
  • Swing left-right, right-left to move

The challenge of the game

The challenge for you

The game is highly challenging because of the incredibly perilous and steep barriers and cliffs. Without a smart moving plan, some stretches of the route may even keep you stranded for several days. You may fall out off the cliff because of a little carelessness and have to start the climb back up. As a result, you must be careful and clever to overcome the difficult terrain.

Some tips to win in the game

  • You must keep in mind that moving too quickly could send you back to where you started. You should move slowly to avoid sliding or losing all progression. Your playing time is also not limited. You can play the game freely.
  • You can utilize the terrain to your advantage to get over challenging portions. So. let's control your pickaxe carefully to pass.
  • Playing the game frequently is one of the best tips for you. You will gain experience and valuable lessons from your mistakes. Practice every day to become more proficient in this game. Make an effort to go the furthest distance. Good luck!