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Dream Life


Your task in Dream Life

Collect resources

Welcome to Dream Life which is an incredible puzzle game. In this game, you will help the two main characters match 3 similar items to collect them.

The story starts when the husband of a poor woman dies due to a storm while going out to sea. She and her daughter are chased out of their house. Now, they have to live in a messy little house. The woman wants to decorate this house and start a new life. But first, she needs to collect resources. Can you help her?

All you have to do is to match more than three adjacent items of the same kind to collect them, which is similar to Garden Tales 2. Note that the missile will be created if you combine four identical items. This missile can destroy a row or a column of items at the same time. The rainbow ball will be created if you merge five identical items. You can match this rainbow ball with any item. After that, this rainbow ball will eliminate all similar items on the board at the same time. Finally, if you want to create a bomb, you need to combine a row of three identical items with a column of four identical items. This bomb can be conned to any item. After being matched, it will explode and remove all nearby items. Do your best to collect the target number of items to win the level. Keep in mind that your moves are limited. If you cannot gather enough resources before running out of moves, you will lose. When you get stuck, you can utilize four power-ups at the bottom of the screen.

Unlock many areas

This game has hundreds of levels with varying degrees of difficulty. After winning a level, you will be rewarded with a star. You can use this star to complete a mission such as laying a carpet, renovating the heater, cleaning the house, and so on. Accumulate as many stars as possible to finish all tasks. After decorating a room, you can unlock a new area. There are a total of 19 areas in this game. They are the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom, the dollhouse, and so on. Do your best to unlock all of them and help the woman and her daughter have an admirable life.

How to control: Use the mouse to play.

More interesting things about Dream Life

The ranking list

In this game, you can see a ranking list that will show names, ranks, and the number of bows of the top 100 players. Your rank will be also presented on this ranking list. You must collect as many bows as possible to get the highest rank. The higher rank you get, the more coins you will claim. Note that this ranking list will be refreshed weekly.

The store

In the store, you can purchase many power-ups such as rockets, bombs, rainbow balls, hammers, unicorns, airplanes, and fairy wands. All of them cost 900 coins. You can buy them to win the levels more easily. Besides power-ups, the shop also sells coin blind boxes and booster blind boxes. These boxes contain many coins or a random booster. Use the coins you earn to buy them.