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Stick Duel: The War


The battle of the stickmen never ends in the game Stick Duel: The War. Now, you will transform into one of them to fight. Can you win against many pro players?

Your mission in Stick Duel: The War

Embark on the shooting fight

This game will take you to a random arena where your opponent is awaiting you. The weapons will drop from the sky. You must run, jump, and grab the weapon quickly. As soon as the weapon is in your hands, you need to shoot at your rival constantly. It is a power fight where you can show off your shooting skills which you learned in Police Cop Driver Simulator. Aim accurately and knock out your enemy in the shortest time. Remember that the weakness of your rival is his head. You can kill him with one shot if you aim at his head.

In this fight, you are also a target of your rival. Therefore, he also does the same thing with you. If you do not want to become the loser, you need to evade his attack at all costs. I recommend you combine running and jumping to avoid getting hit. Try to be the last standing fighter in the arena to score one point. After getting one point, you will be teleported to another arena and battle with another stickman. Try your best to earn five points first to become the victor.

How to control

  • Player 1: Press WASD to move and F to shoot
  • Player 2: Press the arrow keys to move and L to shoot

Remarkable features of Stick Duel: The War

Many game modes

In this game, you are allowed to choose between two game modes. This is identical to Bitlife They are 1 Player and 2 Player modes. In the 1 Player mode, your foe is the CPU. Do not underestimate the computer player. The CPU is a mighty opponent as it is programmed to have strong fighting skills. If you do not concentrate while fighting against the computer player, you will be murdered at any time. In contrast, in the 2-Player mode, you can play the game with another player on the same device. You can invite your friends or relatives to join the fight with you. Do your best to defeat your friend to prove that you are the best shooter.

A variety of arenas and weapons

One interesting thing in this game is the constant change of the arenas. Right after you gain one score, the arena will change. The terrains of all arenas are different. Some arenas have high walls. Meanwhile, the others are made from many stacked blocks. When you run on these blocks, they will start to collapse. You can fall off the arenas at any time if you are uncareful. Note that falling off the arena will lead to your failure.

In addition to arenas, weapons in this game are also diverse. At the start of the battle, many kinds of weapons will fall from the sky. They can be shotguns, sniper rifles, machine guns, hand cannons, and so on. It is important to catch your suitable gun before jumping into a shootout.