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House of Hazards


Conquer the challenges in House of Hazards

Challenge your friends to House of Hazards, the ultimate local multiplayer game where you compete to complete tasks around the house while dodging traps. NewEichGames created this thrilling skill-based game where players race to complete tasks in a monitored apartment while avoiding obstacles and traps set by opponents. Activate your own traps to prevent others from completing their tasks, but watch out for the wheel of fortune at the end of each round that determines the rules for the next one.

Detailed instructions for playing in House of Hazards

How to play

From faulty light fixtures to unpredictable kitchen appliances, this house is a hazard zone. But fear not, you can still complete your mundane household tasks while dodging these deadly obstacles. You must try to live your daily life while competing against other players to complete tasks around the house. From making coffee to watering flowers, every task comes with its own set of hazards and traps set up by your opponents. The goal is to leave the house by completing all your tasks without getting tripped up by your friends.

It's not just about completing tasks - you can also cause chaos for your housemates! As one of the opponents, you can set traps to hinder their progress, such as firing objects at them or dropping heavy items on their heads. You can even grab them and lock them away in a chest. The possibilities for mischief are endless!


Player 1

  • Use A and D to move and select hazards.
  • Press W to jump.
  • Press S to crouch, grab players, or activate hazards.

Player 2

  • Use J and L to move and select hazards.
  • Press I to jump.
  • Press K to crouch, grab players or activate hazards.

Players 3-4 (requires gamepad)

  • Use the left stick to move and select hazards.
  • Press the south button to jump.
  • Press the east button to crouch, grab players, or activate hazards.