About Rebel Gamio

Rebel Gamio is an extremely competitive game. This is a multiplayer game, your task is to try to overcome other players and handle obstacles skillfully to become one of the first three to reach the finish line.

Some tips for you to easily win in Rebel Gamio

You need to make the most of the opportunities to get ahead of your competition. You need to use both speed, agility, and intelligence to brilliantly break the obstacles that stand in your way. Note that there will be some doors that need to be opened, requiring you to activate different mechanisms to unlock those doors. Sometimes you just need a key, sometimes you need to put things in the right place to open the door. But you need to do everything quickly and skillfully, otherwise, your opponent will take advantage and turn all your efforts into an opportunity for them to get ahead. In particular, Rebel Gamio has many power-ups to help you gain advantages such as teleportation, and an elevator, ... If you are a loyal fan of puzzle games, you will surely like Mahjong Connect Halloween. This is a Halloween-themed game and your task is to find and match two identical pictures and remove them.

How to control

Use the WASD or arrow keys to control.

Some outstanding features of Rebel Gamio

This is a puzzle game with extremely eye-catching graphics. You will witness the lovely animal characters, and obstacles designed elaborately and meticulously. Besides, there are two game modes for you to experience. If you play in a public room, you will participate in the competition with players from all over the world. However, if you want to play with friends and family, Rebel Gamio offers you a private room. When playing in this mode, things may change because you can play more tactically, more cohesively by clearly dividing the work for each person. You can coordinate with your friends to complete the objectives and handle the obstacles then reach the finish line together. In Rebel Gamio, it doesn't matter who is the first to finish, as long as you are in the top 3 first, the score you get will be the same.