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Dumb Ways To Die


Introduction to the game Dumb Ways To Die

Journey with the character in Dumb Ways To Die to overcome the challenges of the game. You can unleash your character creation according to your preferences. You will need to pass mini-games, which are a total of 82 different fun mini-games. Try to collect all the silly characters and add them to your station collection. When you achieve a high score you will unlock many other popular music videos.

Addictive gameplay of Dumb Ways To Die


Enter your name in the information when starting the game. You can choose your character's hair, skin color, mouth, and eyes. You can also accessories like glasses, a tie, necklace. As long as you have enough money, you can own all the items you want in the store.

Logical thinking of the game

This game requires quite high thinking, you have to brainstorm when overcoming the challenges of the game. In addition, you also need quick reflexes on some other levels. There are a lot of different incidents that happen while playing that you can't expect. Test your wits in this game now!