About Smash Ball 3D

In the game Smash Ball 3D, what you need to accomplish is to break the blocks of the same color as the ball as fast as possible to save you from passing the level quickly. Join the game now to crack all levels of Smash Ball 3D.

Your mission in Smash Ball 3D

This is a fun game, the ball will bounce automatically and the spiral tower also rotates automatically. Your task is to wait until the ball rolls into blocks of the same color as it, then you will control the ball so that it destroys all blocks of the same color until it can fall to the finish line, which is the base of the tower. However, this is a colorful spiral tower. Therefore, you need to be careful because the ball can only crush blocks of the same color as it, if you try to destroy blocks of different colors, you will be the loser. It would be great if you could finish all the levels of Smash Ball 3D, you can come to Garden Tales 3 where you will need to match three or more of the same fruit to make them disappear. All your information and activity metrics will be displayed on the screen.

How to control

Hold the mouse or spacebar to control.

A few tips for you when participating in Smash Ball 3D

There are many levels in Smash Ball 3D, just completing this level will have the next level for you to experience, and of course, the difficulty will increase gradually. As long as you try to break blocks of different colors, it's all over! Your ball will break into pieces and you will have to replay that level from the beginning. In particular, if you break many consecutive blocks of the same color, your ball will turn into a fireball for a certain time. Then you can go through and break anything even if it's blocks of different colors. Remember, even if you accelerate terribly, you still need to stop when you see a block of different colors and stop to wait for the next opportunity to continue down the tower.