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Life: The Game


Life: The Game is an intriguing arcade game developed by Ohmaigawd. Let's experience different stages of a person's life from birth to old age.

Engaging gameplay of Life: The Game

The childhood stage

The gameplay of this game is similar to Hyper Life. At the start of the game, you will see a pregnant woman in a pregnancy room. At the bottom of the screen, there is a meter and its riddle is moving constantly from left to right and vice versa. When the riddle reaches the purple area, you must click the left mouse button to push the baby out. When the baby flies into the stroller, it means that you are successful. After getting born, it is time to learn to speak. You need to be quick to click on the musical notes on the screen to learn how to talk. Note that you will be tied for the 'Fewest words spoken' world record if you miss any musical note. You will start to study math after knowing how to talk. Try to solve all mathematical puzzles to enter the next stage. The next stage is puberty. In this stage, the pimples will raise constantly on your face. You must pop them before they explode and cause infection.

The adulthood stage

The second stage in life is the adulthood stage. In this stage, you will start to date a beautiful girl and come to the karaoke room. Then, you will start to work as an intern in a company. Learn how to make a coffee to satisfy your boss in the company. Next, you will join the most important event in your life. It is your marriage party. You must dress up to become the most handsome groom at your marriage party. Finally, your wife will have kids. Help her push out all kids successfully.

The old age stage

The final stage in life is the old age stage. In this stage, you need to go shopping and buy all items on the list. After purchasing the items you want, you need to stay home to take care of your grandchildren. Do not let them get close to dangers in the house. Ultimately, you need to sort the drugs in a limited time. Place the drug into the glass with the same color.

How to play: Click the left mouse button to play.

All arcade mini-games in Life: The Game

Burger Madness and Study Session

Besides experiencing all stages in life, you can embark on arcade mini-games such as burger madness and study sessions.

  • In the burger madness mini-game, your mission is to make as many burgers as possible within more than 1 minute to gain the highest possible score. Place the ingredients in order. After a hamburger is completed, you can put it onto the dish to serve it.
  • In the study session mini-game, your objective is to keep your concentration while studying. The ball will roll toward you and the phone will ring. The gaming machine will be turned on and the girl will come and invite you to hang out with her. You must throw the ball away, turn off the phone and gaming machine, and refuse the invitation of your friend. Try your best to keep focusing for the longest time to get the highest possible score.

Travel Puzzles and Rainbow Melody

In addition to the above arcade mini-games, this game also offers other two mini-games which are travel puzzles and rainbow melody.

  • In the travel puzzle mini-game, you need to arrange the blocks of different shapes to fill the grid before the time is over. Attempt to fulfill as many grids as possible to gain many points.
  • In the rainbow melody mini-game, you need to listen to the music and hit the right tone plates of the xylophone. If you hit the wrong tone plate, you will lose a heart. You have a total of 3 hearts. You will lose if you run out of heart. Therefore, you should be careful.