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Paper.io 2


Paper.io 2 is a massively multiplayer online game in which the player attempts to capture territory on a grid board by drawing lines and enclosing areas.

Noteworthy information about Paper.io 2

The playing rules

At the start of the game, you enter your name and choose between 17 skins. They are Ladybug, Tank, Duck, Cake, Cash, Sushi, Bat, Heart, Rainbow, Nyan Cat, Watermelon, Ghost, Pizza, Minion, Freddy, Spiderman, and Teletubby. They have different designs and are unlocked, so you can choose them freely.

The game's objective is to capture as much territory as possible by controlling the square to move around. Watch out for rivals on the playing fields! These opponents can cut off your tail and take over your territory. If another player's square touches your tail, you will lose control of that territory and your square will be eliminated from the game. You can also eliminate other players by cutting off their tails and enclosing them within your own territory. Keep in mind that the larger your territory is, the higher rank you can get. You can see the ranks, names, and scores of the top 5 players on the leaderboard at the top right of the screen. This leaderboard also shows your rank.

This game features engaging gameplay, simple control, and colorful graphics, so it attracts many players from all over the world. It can be played by players of all ages. Therefore, don't hesitate to let your children play this game after stressful study hours. Besides, you can invite your friends or relatives to play this game to have fun.

Developer and Platform

This game is the second version of the Paper.io series. developed by Voodoo. It was initially launched in 2019 and gained popularity soon. Like Bitlife, this game is also playable in the web browser on both PC and mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones. Therefore, you can play this game anywhere and anytime.

How to control: Use the mouse to control the square.

Effective tips to conquer more territory in Paper.io 2

Do not go too far from your territory

One special thing in this game is unpredictable enemies. In the arena, you can encounter beginners or professional players. They always want to kill you to take over your territory. Therefore, you need to be careful at all times. Going too far from your territory is an opportunity for rivals to attack you. It is a good idea to capture small territories and stay close to your territory at all times. It is a defensive play that will assist you in surviving as long as possible.

Find a chance to attack your enemies

Although a defensive play will help you stay alive for a long time, it will limit the expanding speed of your territory. Therefore, I recommend you apply both a defensive play and an offensive play. It means that besides taking caution with rivals, you also need to find an opportunity to murder them. When you see your rival's tail, run as fast as possible to get close and bite his or her tail. Attempt to eliminate as many enemies as possible to expand your territory faster.