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Retro Bowl


Play Retro Bowl - A Classic American Football

Retro Bowl is a traditional American football game that you can play on your PC. Your task is to develop your team and win awards at the end of each season.

Retro Bowl is the ideal game for the armchair quarterback to ultimately make his or her point. The game, which is presented in a gorgeous retro aesthetic, offers straightforward roster administration, including press obligations and the care of fragile egos. And you get to call the shots on the field. Can you pass the test and lead your squad to the championship? Will you be able to win the Retro Bowl? It is your responsibility as a manager to hire and fire players. Because the NFL is a sophisticated league, it's difficult to be successful every season, especially in the first. Try to handle it correctly! The game appears complicated at first, but as you get used to it, it can become addictive.

The most important aspect of this game is team management, thus you must focus on that. The Retro Bowl game relies heavily on the midfielders, so give it your all for your team. This game will bring you thrilling American football. Can you become a famous footballer in this game? You can do that in the Bitlife game where you have a second life in the digital world. I believe that you also make this dream come true in the Retro Bowl game. Being a well-known player in this football game is not difficult.

Controls Guide

After starting a new game, you can choose your favorite player. You can see the profile of players. Which player impressed you? In a player's profile, you can see some basic information like face, name, and favorite team. Faces and names are fixed for a player. However, you can change your favorite teams. There are 18 teams for you to choose from.

The Retro Bowl game rules are similar to those of American football. When two teams of 11 players each compete against one another. The goal is to outscore your opponent in the period allocated before the competition. To score, a player must move the ball down the opponent's court and make a touch in the end zone of the opponent's court. Touching the ball can be done by throwing it to a teammate or clutching it and sprinting with it.

Each team will have 4 chances to advance the ball 10 meters. When you cross the road, you must put the ball down and begin again in 10m. The ball will be transferred to your team after 4 phases to the side if the distance is less than ten meters.

Each team's 11 players will be assigned to one of three roles:

The attacking group consists of midfielders who are tasked with winning the ball and passing it to teammates.

Defensive group: is in charge of keeping rival teams' players from racing away with the ball.

Taskforce: personnel with massive bodies and incredibly high running speeds are frequently assigned to kicking and tossing the ball on the field.