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About the Bitlife game

Welcome to Bitlife which is a life simulator and is also well-known with the name of Bitlife: Life Simulator. In the game, you can live for yourself and decide any choice from family to work. Simulate your life in this digital Bitlife world!

Are you ready to live a second life? Are there too many distractions in life right now? Do you get tired of living with so many responsibilities on your shoulders? Your life may not be what you want it to be. Come to this game to experience a new life. Every choice in this new life is left to you to choose without being derived by any other factors. You can decide to live for yourself or for the community. You can also become a citizen or a terrifying criminal. The decision is up to you.

Essential Bitlife's information for you in the main menu

Your main menu consists of 3 sections: New life, Stats, and Configure. Go to each section to track and install the necessary information for the game.

  • First, you can start a new life which is the main goal of every player when coming to this game. You can create a new life easily. You only need one tap to start a new life.
  • Second, in the Stats section, you can monitor ribbons and the cemetery. You can earn 30 different ribbons in this simulator game. These 30 ribbons are always ready and just waiting for you to succeed. There are some notable ribbons like Lazy, Rich, Hero, Famous, or Successful. These are all traits that many people wish they had.
  • Besides, there are many other great ribbons like Globetrotter, Deadly, Wicked, etc. Can you gain all 30 of these ribbons? In addition, the Cemetery section is also important information for you. This is where you can follow your past lives.
  • Third, in the Configure section, you can customize people to make your friends appear in the game or set sound effects and haptics for this game.

Start a new life as an infant

After you decide to start a new life, the Bitlife: Life Simulator game gives you a profile of a newborn. You will start as an infant with 0 dollars in the bank balance. You will know basic information like name, gender, age, sexuality, and location. Besides, other information such as your parents, siblings, pets, or birthdays will also be provided. The game will decide on this basic information.

Besides, you should pay attention to some of your indicators when starting a new life. There are 4 stats including happiness, health, smarts, and looks. Each stat is randomly evaluated when you begin. They represent four different aspects of your life: feelings, health, intelligence, and physical appearance. These are probably also important criteria about a person. These indicators are as maximum as 100%. The higher the index is, the happier and richer your life will be. On the contrary, your life is poor if these indexes are low. Health stat is the most important. If this stat is 0%, your life will be over.

Continue your life with different events

Bitlife allows you to live the way you want by tapping the Age button in the middle of the screen. After each press, you will add one year old. Of course, there will be different events happening in each of these years. Maybe your family or relatives have certain problems. Moving house or your parents changing jobs can happen. Each of these events will impact your life. However, how you adapt to these is up to you.


You will have different activities to do. However, you cannot do it all at once. There are some activities that are only open when you are old enough. There are some activities that can only be activated when you meet the accompanying conditions such as health or finance. When you are a child, these activities are not as varied as when you are older. There are many different activities such as Adoption, Casinos, Crime, Doctors, Horse Races, Lawsuits, Licenses, and Emigrate. After you decide to operate, various options pop up. You should choose the appropriate action because every action you take will affect your life. They will determine what kind of person you become. For example, if you decide to play a casino, you can be rich or poor. If you go to see a doctor, you can get health results or get treatment for diseases. Therefore, you should decide your future direction before doing something.

Assets and Relationships

In addition to adding age, you can access the assets and relationships section. You can buy two main assets in the Assets section: cars and real estate. Shops for cars and real estate are always open for you. Earn enough money and visit this section to buy what you want. In the Relationships section, you can track information about people related to you such as your father, mother, siblings, and pets. You can view each person's profile. Your relationships can increase over time. In addition, you can choose what activities you want to do with the people in your relationships.

Some notes when playing the online Bitlife game

Tips for playing

  • You should pay special attention to your stats mentioned above: Happiness, Health, Smarts, and Looks. If these indicators are good, it will be green. These indicators gradually decrease and hit alarming levels when they turn red.
  • These stats only increase or decrease as you perform different actions. If you do not do anything in your life, they can change too. The reason is that there are unexpected events happening in your life. If you don't do anything, these problems will automatically affect you. For example, your happiness quotient will automatically decrease if your parents pass away. If you don't do anything, that stat will continue to decrease to 0%.
  • You should invest in your health. See your doctor when you get sick because health is so important. There is nothing else you can do in this case.


Bitlife or Bitlife: Life Simulator has had a lot of updates since its launch. Developer Candywriter has fixed a lot of different features through each version. The game is fixed bugs, added features, and improved graphics and sound quality. The latest update is expected to be at the end of 2022. You should follow the latest updates of this game to have a better experience with the life simulator game.