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Santa Parkour


Santa Parkour is a Christmas-themed game where you play as Santa and parkour to deliver presents. Jump on snow-covered rooftops while avoiding obstacles.

About Santa Parkour

Father Christmas needs your assistance as he runs around the village in Santa Parkour. Join him as he travels the snowy streets, and see to it that he gathers as many coins as he can! Can you aid him in demonstrating to his elves that he is the North Pole's top runner?

Santa Claus prefers to travel by reindeer car, but he feels like it's time to get some exercise. In this game, your goal is to keep Santa moving for as long as you can. Although he might have trouble running long distances, the controls for this game are not too complicated. To play, all you need is a mouse. Click the play button on the main menu to begin the game. Santa will start moving on his own as soon as you start. All you have to do is click on the screen to jump over obstacles to avoid running into them. You will lose a life point if you hit those. You start the game with three lives, so use them wisely. The game is over when all of them are exhausted. The top left corner of the screen shows your distance. Your final score in the game is determined by how far you ran and how many coins you gathered. We update the best games for you every day, you can play some interesting games on our websites like Bonk.io, Fall Guys, and Age Of Defense 3.

Features of the game

  • Parkour gameplay that is challenging.
  • Lovely Christmas and winter rooftop scenes.
  • Collect one-of-a-kind outfits.
  • Unlock new parkour abilities.

How to controls in Santa Parkour

  • To jump, click the left mouse button.