Bonk.io is a multiplayer physics game that can accommodate up to eight players at once. Defeat opponents and push them into lethal objects or off the map.

Bonk.io is a strategy and skill game with simple but addictive gameplay. You will be playing with many other people and will have to fight them. You can customize your character (circle) in any way you want to fight to destroy the remaining players. This game can accommodate up to eight players at the same time. Use the quick play feature to quickly enter the game, or create custom games and configure the game to your liking.

Compete in last-man-standing or team-based matches against your friends or anyone from anywhere in the world. Position yourself carefully as dodging an incoming collision can be just as effective as slamming into your opponents in the strategy game Bonk.io. Move with the arrow keys and hold X to become heavier. Because you have more momentum when you are heavy, you can bash enemies farther, and are more difficult to move around. However, you'll also have a lot less maneuverability!

How to Controls: Use the arrow keys to move.