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Age Of Defense 3


About Age Of Defense 3

Join the battles of Age Of Defense 3, you will fight and upgrade weapons and soldiers in 100 levels. This is your chance to show off your cunning.

Defend your base from danger in Age Of Defense 3

In this game, your role is similar to that in the Age of War game, as a brave warrior who commands the army to defend the base and fight the enemies. You will choose the most powerful soldiers to create the most powerful army possible. This is the first step for you to win against the enemy's fruit power. Remember that you should choose many different types of soldiers because they have different abilities and strengths, some are agile, some use guns, and some use sticks, ... but their common point is the same. fight for you. However, you should also note that each soldier needs a certain amount of Prada, you need to fight to get more Prada to build a stronger base.

The appeal of Age Of Defense 3

This game gives you 100 levels with increasing difficulty. The higher level you play, the stronger your opponent will be. At that time, your goal remains the same to defend the base and even attack the enemy stronghold. To achieve this, upgrading and unlocking soldiers is extremely important. This will help increase your chances of winning. The opponent is strong, but your soldiers are also much stronger, so you will not worry about being weak before the enemy's attack. Before each match, you will see an upgrade panel where unit and skill trees are displayed, click on characters to unlock and upgrade their skills.

How to control

  • Use the mouse to control
  • Press the A, and D or left, and right arrow keys to roll the map.