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Hyper Life


About Hyper Life

Hyper Life is a life-choice game on a journey through, from childhood to adulthood and old age. Each journey will have many choices, so choose the right path.

In Hyper Life, our only goal is to survive. We don't call it a fascinating life simulator for nothing. At each stage, we will be asked a question about our character's age, such as childhood, youth, or old age. The questions are usually pretty straightforward, such as what our favourite phrase is or what we would do if we were left in the dark with our companion.

Controls: drag and click to play.

Use Common Sense

Each question will have three viable responses. We will earn money, love, or intelligence depending on which one we choose. This will assist us in selecting answers that are restricted by ability in the following questions. The game's progression is fascinating, as we watch how we advance in life, making friends, losing them, meeting our partners... As in real life, each decision has a consequence, and only our decisions determine how far our character will progress in our life.

Although some music would be welcome, the 3D graphics are really fantastic, providing us with a nice-looking setting but lacking in photographs. The disadvantage is the enormous amount of advertisements we'll have to see in between questions. We may, however, always pay for the pro version and ignore them.