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Poppy Playtime


Attractive gameplay of Poppy Playtime

Poppy Playtime is a horror ghost doll game developed by MOB Entertainment. Attempt to escape from the scary factory without being killed by Poppy.

Your task

In this game, you are an ex-employee who used to work in the toy industry named Playtime Co. One day, you return to visit the factory. In this factory, you see a frightening thing. Poppy who is the product of the factory wanders around the factory and kills everyone. You must leave this factory now without getting caught by Poppy. The door is locked. Therefore, you must go around the factory to find the key. Open cabinets as the key can be hidden in them. Note that you should not make any noise if you do not want to attract notice of Poppy. Be silent and sneaky. As you are not provided with weapons, you should not attack mascots. Instead, as soon as mascots appear, you need to run as fast as possible or hide in the cabinets to avoid their attention. Do your best to figure out the exit door and get out of this factory as soon as possible. Why do you hesitate? Play this game now to experience moments of fear and thrill. If you find this game interesting, share it with your friends or relatives.

Controls Guide

  • Press the WASD keys to move
  • Click the left mouse button to use the item
  • Press a TAB key to display controls
  • Press the SPACEBAR to skip the dialogue
  • Press the Shift key to sprint

Remarkable features of Poppy Playtime

Playable game modes

Like Bitlife, this game also offers many game modes. Specifically, there are four game modes in this game. Each game mode has a distinct feature. Choose one of the game modes and play this game now.

  • Ghost Mode: In this mode, you will transform into a ghost and no one can see you. It is an advantage for you to move around the factory. However, if you create any noise, the Poppy can know your position and attack you.
  • Easy Mode: Besides Poppy, you will encounter Grandpa and Grandma in this mode. However, their movement speed is very slow. Therefore, you do not need to worry. When you meet Grandpa, Grandma, or Poppy, you must run as fast as possible to escape from them.
  • Classic Mode: It is the default mode in this game. In this mode, your objective is to watch out for Poppy and get out of the factory early.
  • Heavy Mode: In this mode, your rivals are also Poppy, Grandpa, and Grandma. The movement speed of Grandpa and Grandma will be faster, so you need to be careful at all times. Fortunately, you can be revived after being assassinated by the monsters.

Creator and Platform

This game was developed by MOB Entertainment. It was released on October 12, 2021. You can play this game on both PC and mobile devices such as tablets or mobile phones. Right after this game was launched, this game is considered to be one of the best indie-horror games. It is a worthy addition to your game arsenal.