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Bloons Pop


About Bloons Pop

Bloons Pop is a simple game with many challenging levels. Blast colorful balloons with a sharp javelin to win and unlock more advanced levels.

Bloons Pop may appear to be a simple game at first, but it will become harder as players advance through the levels. Use a powerful cannon and sharp harpoons to aim in order to pop the multicolored balloons. After a long day at work, this intriguing physics puzzle is sure to make you smile and have fun. It's crucial to keep the balls in order while also making sure none are missed. Throwing darts across a phalanx of rubber, multicolored, and helium-filled balloons will allow you to succeed. Show your intelligence and virtuosity by joining our other popular games which are Fall GuysAmong Us and Monopoly. Have fun!

How to play

  • As you aim your friendly monkeys, watch as they leap into the puzzle and employ their unique skills to pop as many Bloons as they can. To increase your chances of winning, combine shots into strong Mega Monkeys and unlock bonus Hero Monkey shots!
  • You can restore the lovely village scenes that the Bloons destroyed with each victory. To make each Monkey Town unique, place buildings, people, animals, decorations, and a wide range of other interactive, animating objects.


  • Try to pop the bigger balloons first to rack up more points.
  • Power-ups can help you clear the board quickly and easily.
  • Before you make a move, look at the board and plan your moves ahead.
  • Practice: Like any game, the more you play Bloons Pop, the better you'll get at it

Features of the game

  • 10 adorable animating Monkey characters leap into the puzzle.
  • Thousands of colorful, difficult levels with an infinite number of Bloons, obstacles, and moving formations.
  • 12 distinct Monkey Town scenes to restore and embellish with 150 exquisitely crafted animating objects.
  • Merge Monkeys to create incredible Mega Monkeys capable of clearing entire puzzle sections on their own.