About Monopoly

Monopoly is a real estate board game for two to eight players. Maintain financial solvency and bankrupt competitors through asset acquisition and development.

Welcome to the timeless board game Monopoly! In the board game Monopoly, which has two to eight players, the player's goal is to maintain financial stability while driving rivals into insolvency through the purchase and development of the property. The dice-driven movement of the players' tiles causes them to land on potential properties for a hypothetical bank to buy. If they land on a property, they can either buy it directly from the dealer or participate in a group bid. The rental fee for any already-owned property must be paid to the owner if a player enters it. Being unable to land on another player's property will save you money while allowing the other players to gain from you. A fun time!

How to play

A player takes a turn when he moves the number of spaces determined by rolling two dice. The player has two options if he lands on an unclaimed property: he can buy it and add it to his portfolio, or he can let the bank sell it at auction to the highest bidder. If a player controls every space within a color group, he can then construct residences and lodgings there, bringing in even more money from opponents who occupy those spaces. If he lands on a player's property, he is obligated to pay that player rent based on the land's value and the value of any buildings there. Other locations on the board cannot be purchased, instead, the player must draw a card, carry out the action indicated on the card, pay taxes, collect money, or even go to jail.