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Among Us


Welcome to the among us game which is set in a spaceship in outer space. In the game, the player plays one of two roles: most are crew members and a few are impostors. Whoever you are, complete your mission.

Missions in Among Us

As a crewmate

As all of you know, a crewmate in a spaceship will have the responsibility of protecting the spaceship and conducting the required task. The task of a crewmate in the Among Us game is similar. The crew has missions to perform throughout the map in the form of minigames, including maintenance of critical systems such as reconnecting electrical circuits or refueling engines. However, there is a different thing in the game. In specific, if you are a crewmate, you have to find out the impostor who is not the real crewmate and is trying to kill all the real ones. You find an impostor by pointing out the name of the person you suspect. However, if your suspect is not correct, you lose the game.

As an impostor

If you are an Impostor, your mission is to infiltrate the crew, and at the same time, you have the ability to sabotage and kill the members of the spaceship. You will receive a great reward after you complete your task. So what do you need to do to eliminate all the crewmates? You have to control your game character to move around the spaceship and find a member who is standing alone. Move behind this member and use a knife to eliminate him. If you kill a crewmate while many members are there, it is easy to be discovered. As the result, you are a loser and the game ends.

A challenging and interesting game is some things players said about this game. How can find exactly the impostor or how to eliminate all the real members are different answers. However, let's notice every action of each player to look for signs. If the game is quite a challenge for you, you can relax by playing the puzzle Garden Tales game and then come back.

Interesting facts about Among Us

  • When you find a body, you can report it to let everyone know, and start a meeting between players to discuss who the Impostor is based on the evidence surrounding the murder. Whoever gets the most votes will be thrown off the train. This thing is so weird, but it is a common situation like one in the real life.
  • You can adjust many game features in the waiting room of each level, such as kill distance, kill cooldown, speed, and task amount. You can also choose one of the game's maps to join and complete the quest.
  • In addition, players can also customize aesthetic elements such as clothes, hats, and pets according to their preferences without having to spend any money. You can kill or report to eject the impostor. But if other players find you acting strangely, they might do the same to you. In addition, if you do not complete the task, the game also ends here.
  • The Among Us game has a simple control. Just use the arrow keys or WASD keys to move the impostor or crewmate, and click the mouse to control other features.