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Underwater World


About Underwater World

Are you looking for an entertaining game to help you relieve stress? Immediately access Underwater World, an attractive and special puzzle game that you can experience anywhere, whether at home or work.

Collect three identical tiles in Underwater World

Surely you are no stranger to the 3-match game genre, Underwater World is one such game. In this game, you will see squares with the underwater theme stacked on top of each other, your task is to choose consecutively three squares with the same shape. If you can successfully select three such squares, they will gradually disappear from the screen, until all squares disappear, and you will win and can level up. In addition, you can also join a similar game called Black Friday Mahjong, with a black Friday theme. In the game, the squares are also stacked, but your task will be simpler when you just need to find two identical squares to be able to combine and remove them.

How to control

Use the mouse to control.

Some things you need to keep in mind in the game

The squares will stack on top of each other, so you need to remove the top squares first, then you can select and remove the squares below. Besides, Underwater World gives you some power-ups to help you solve some difficulties during the game. You can use the power-up to redo your selection, you can also use the power-up with the light bulb icon to let the game system help you automatically select and remove three identical squares whenever you have trouble finding them, or you can also use the power-up to reshuffle the squares, this will also be of great help to you so that you can easily see the squares more similar. When participating in the game, you will notice that all the squares in the game include images such as fish and corals on the seabed. This is truly an opportunity for anyone who enjoys the ocean to witness the images as realistically as possible.