About Black Friday Mahjong

Black Friday Mahjong allows you to buy items by finding mahjong tiles with the same symbols carefully arranged and matching them together. Are you ready for this special day shopping trip?

Choose the same mahjong tiles in Black Friday Mahjong

In Black Friday Mahjong, players will find mahjong tiles with different symbols arranged in a jumbled arrangement on the screen. Your task is to find the mahjong tiles with similar characteristics and remove them. Participating in this game, you will notice that the mahjong tiles will stack on top of each other. Remember, if you haven't made the top mahjong tiles disappear, the mahjong pieces below won't combine either. In addition, Black Friday Mahjong will accept tiles with identical designs, however, some tiles with the same image, but the same size will still be accepted. Besides, you can also participate in that in Mahjong Connect Halloween, which is also a puzzle game that requires you to match the same mahjong pieces to make them disappear. However, in this game, the mahjong pieces will not stack on top of each other and their sizes are exactly the same.

Use power tools in Black Friday Mahjong

Participating in the Black Friday Mahjong game, sometimes you will have difficulties such as the number of mahjong tiles you need to make disappear more and more, the requirements of the game are getting higher and higher, and surely you also want to achieve get a good result. Therefore, Black Friday Mahjong has been designed so that when players are in trouble, they can use support powers. For example, when you look around and can't find the same mahjong pieces, use the light bulb hint, it will find it for you. Either you can shuffle the board so that they are rearranged and easier to find, or reset the level. However, this game will count the time. Pay attention to the time bar on the right side of the screen, if the time bar has run out and you still haven't completed the task, then you will be the loser.

How to control

Use the mouse to control.