About Two Tunnels 3D

If you are looking forward to participating in a spectacular race, do not hesitate to join the endless racing tunnel of Two Tunnel 3D. The gaps in the game are waiting for you to fall into the trap, be careful!

Experience the endless racing in Two Tunnel 3D

Coming to the track in this addictive game, the player will control his ball so that the ball can roll as far as possible. However, the journey to conquer this race tunnel will not be easy, the gaps above will make you fall off this track and lose. Therefore, be very careful with the traps that are waiting for you, especially since the sequels of the track only appear as you advance. This will give you a bit of a surprise but fun about the game. There is a game with similar gameplay to this game, named Two Tube 3D. However, in Two Tube 3D, instead of avoiding falling into the gaps, you will need to avoid colliding with the red triangle obstacles.

How to control

Use the arrow keys to control.

A few interesting of the game

After finishing each play of Two Tunnel 3D, you will know your score in that play and the highest score you have ever achieved in this game. In particular, the number of points you receive will not be calculated according to the distance your ball rolls but is calculated according to the number of small white balls you collect. However, the further you can go in this tunnel, the higher your chances of collecting the little white balls. In addition, the racing tunnel of Two Tunnel 3D continuously changes color during play, and the color of the ball will match the color of the track. This will help players not get bored.