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Two Tube 3D


About Two Tube 3D

If you are looking for an interesting game to entertain after stressful working hours, come to Two Tube 3D. Overcome all the dangerous obstacles in the racing tunnel and run as far as you can.

Your mission in Two Tube 3D

Become a racer on the endless track of Two Tube 3D, your goal is to avoid collision with dangerous triangle obstacles. There are many obstacles and they will appear everywhere in the racing tunnel, you will not be able to predict. But as long as you focus and quickly tilt left or right, you can avoid these difficulties. Remember, the further you run, the faster the speed of the game will be, be careful not to crash into these obstacles. The game will end when you crash into them. Also, if you like running games, Hurdles Heroes even turns you into a professional runner and participates in the Olympics. So, don't miss this game!

How to control

Use the arrow keys to control.

The game modes

In the game Two Tube 3D, there are two modes for players to choose from, 1-player mode and 2-player mode. In 1-player mode, your goal will still be to run as far as you can without colliding with any obstacles to achieve a high score. This will be the right mode for you when playing alone. Meanwhile, if you want to experience the game, or relax with friends, the 2-player mode will suit this need. In this mode, you and the other player will compete against each other. Whoever survives the longest on the track will be the winner. It can be said that Two Tube 3D is a great tool for your free time, you will really need it to relieve that stress, don't miss it!