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Hurdles Heroes


About Hurdles Heroes

Are you a person who likes to run? If you had a chance to participate in a dramatic running competition, would you be confident you would win? Come to Hurdles Heroes to experience and prove your ability.

Participate in the running competition in Hurdles Heroes

This will be a professional running competition between many countries, so, first, you'll choose a favorite country. Runners of each country will have their own characteristics depending on that country, such as differences in clothing or skin color. You will then enter this dramatic competition, which will feature a total of eight runners from eight different countries. Try to jump over the hurdles perfectly so as not to be left behind, even if you can maintain this, the higher your chances of winning. If you are bored with this game and want to change the game theme, are you interested in a horror game? Huggy Wuggy - Platformer Playtime is a popular horror game in which your task is to fight fearsome opponents and find your way to the final door.

How to control

  • Player 1: Press W to jump
  • Player 2: Press the up arrow key to jump

What is special in Hurdles Heroes

The game Hurdles Heroes includes 2 game modes, 1-player, and 2-player. In 1-player mode, it will be very suitable for you if you play alone. In this mode, you will compete with many athletes around the world, across many maps. There are 7 maps corresponding to 7 different races in different regions of the world, and only when you finish first can you switch to another map. The second mode is the right mode for you to play with friends or relatives. By finishing each race you will move to another level without having to be the first to finish. However, after going through all the races, based on the results after each match, the winner will be honored.