About Temple Run

Temple Run is considered one of the most famous endless running games in which you have to run as fast as possible to escape from the monsters. Are you ready to take part in an endless running journey?

The context and mission of the game

The game is designed with an interesting theme. You as an adventurer are on a journey of discovering an ancient temple. When you come to this temple, you understand why there are a lot of other adventurers who come but didn't come back. The reason is that there is a monster here. It will kill anyone who enters this temple. Of course, you are now being chased by a monster. Therefore, your mission is to run as fast as you can to be able to escape from this monster.

There are a lot of barriers and also gold coins in the way of running. You should try to avoid obstacles while collecting gold coins and power-ups. The way is not also straight but there are frequently unexpected turns. Along with the increasing speed, it's necessary to have reasonable and timely actions to overcome them. Otherwise, you will fall down the cliff and lose your life. Finally, if you like this running game, Hurdles Heroes is maybe on the list of your favorite games.

How to control your character

In order to control the game character escaping from the temple monster, you use arrow keys. In specific, the left and right arrow keys will help your character turn left and right. In addition, the up and down arrow keys are used to navigate him to jump and crouch.

Attractive features of this endless running game

Temple Run brings a lot of great features:

  • The coins you collect will be used to unlock your favorite characters. The game has many different characters for you to choose from such as Lara Bones, Mummy, Agent 99, etc.
  • You should collect power-ups that help you easily achieve higher scores. For example, shields help you go through everything and magnets help you attract more coins. Even, you can double your coins if you have x2.
  • A variety of obstacles will be provided to prevent all your efforts. They can make you lose at any time.