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Super Heroes Ball


About Super Heros Ball

Welcome to the world of superhero balls! Thanos stole precious jewels in the city. Your mission in the game is to help them regain the treasures in the Super Heroes Ball game.

Find the stolen gems in Super Heroes Ball

In the game Super Heroes Ball, you will be the control of the superhero ball how to roll quickly to the finish line, while avoiding dangerous obstacles. The obstacles in Super Heroes Ball are extremely diverse and dangerous, don't let monsters, darts, or lakes make you lose your life. Although colliding with these obstacles does not immediately cause you to lose your life and lose, it still has many challenges, so it is better to keep yourself safe. Moreover, you also need to collect gold stars along the way. Besides, similar to this game, Roller Ball 5 also requires you to control the ball to complete missions, and rescue teammates from raging aliens. If you are bored with this game, try Roller Ball 5.

How to control

Use the WASD or arrow keys to control.

Features that attract players

If you are a person who likes superhero characters, especially superheroes in Marvel, you should definitely not ignore Super Heroes Ball. In this addictive game, your ball can be changed into many different characters. It originally had the look of Spiderman, but in the skin shop, you can choose from skins like Captain America, or Ironman, etc. The better you play, the higher your score. This score will help you unlock these cool skins. Also, pay attention to your HP bar. Every time you collide with monsters or get hit by your opponent's darts, your HP bar will be deducted from your health. If this HP bar is exhausted, you will lose.