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Roller Ball 5


About Roller Ball 5

This planet is being invaded by aliens, and your teammates are being held in a square cage. Can you rescue your friends in Roller Ball 5?

Save your planet in Roller Ball 5

In this addictive game, you will transform into a lovely red ball. Your mission is to overcome all the challenges and complete the levels to save the planet by reaching the finish line. Your planet is being invaded by aliens, they even captured your teammates and locked them in a square cage, along the way do not forget to rescue them and destroy the enemies. However, this will not be easy, on the way you will face many difficulties such as thorn traps, lakes, or monsters guarding this place. But you can destroy these monsters and collect more coins. Roller Ball 5's journey is a bit similar to Ketchum's journey in Monster Rush. In this game, you will help Ketchum collect pokemon to destroy enemy monsters.

How to control

Use the arrow keys to control the game.

Some notes for you when play game

In addition to avoiding obstacles and destroying alien monsters, you also need to collect some things like coins, keys, and stars to unlock the next level. Roller Ball 5 includes many levels for you to experience with increasing difficulty and many other surprises that will help players not get bored with Roller Ball 5. In particular, you can change the appearance of the core. red ball object. In the skin store, there are many different skins divided into three categories: premium skins, rescue skins, and coin skins. You need to open them by completing higher levels or buying with the coins you have. In addition, you can also own them if you are lucky to land in the lucky spin of Roller Ball 5.