Help the heroine in Stacky Run

Our heroine, because she is wearing an old, dirty outfit, is mocked by other hot girls. That is also the reason why she is very self-deprecating and does not dare to tell the guy she likes. Can you help her collect attractive outfits to boost her confidence?

Collect items on the way in the Stacky Run game

In this game, you will control the girl to move on a road where many beauty items such as clothes, skirts, makeup, shoes... Due to low self-esteem about her appearance, the girl always feels guilty and keeps her head down. But if you can help her collect and put on beautiful clothes, the girl's mood will immediately improve, and be more confident to be able to step up to confess to the guy she likes. The success of her confession depends on your help. Also, if you are bored with this game, try to join the race of Glove Power. You will control the glove avoiding obstacles while trying to reach the finish line in this exciting game.

What is the attraction of Stacky Run

After each successful confession, you will receive a certain amount of hearts. With that number of hearts, you can make some changes, for example, change the skin for the guy the girl likes about the outfit, the hairstyle to make him look more handsome. In addition, you can also use it to buy more handsome guys as followers, who will follow you on your way to finding your beauty products. You will be able to make the hot girls who mocked you jealous when these guys are all following you, not them. In addition, you will also go through many levels with different difficulties, the higher the level, the more dirty puddles, and the more dirty old clothes appear. You will need to avoid collecting them.

How to control

Use the mouse to control.