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Glove Power


About Glove Power

As a fascinating arcade game, Glove Power can bring relaxing moments for players. In this game, you will control a glove to complete duties thanks to power-ups on the way.

Use power-ups in Glove Power

As mentioned above, power-ups will often appear to support you. They are also quite diverse with many different types of power. The more you can collect, the more effective the combination of them will be, and easier to help you on your way to the finish line. For example, a power power-up that can help you go through any obstacle without getting hurt and even destroying them, a space power-up, which helps you open a clear path unaffected by obstacles, and many other interesting power-ups. Glove Power is really an attractive simple game that you cannot ignore. Hope you will have a pleasant experience with Glove Power.

How to control

Use the WASD, and arrow keys or drag the left mouse to control.

Your duty in Glove Power

Coming to Glove Power, the task throughout the game is to reach the finish line without being entangled in any dangerous obstacles. The obstacles in this game not only appear continuously but are also extremely diverse. The cogs can move from side to side, or the propellers will rotate continuously to stop your step. If you're not careful, they'll take on you right away. However, you do not need to worry too much because you will be supported by power-ups. These power-ups appear regularly along the way, and they will only disappear when you pass them. Try to collect as many power-ups as possible, the faster the finish line, the more points you get. If you want to take on another challenge, Mystery Venue Hidden Object will help you. Coming to this game, you will find objects in a deserted town.