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Stacky Bird


About Stacky Bird

The context of Stacky Bird

The context of this game is really interesting. Two birds have a happy life in a peaceful forest. Unfortunately, the female bird is kidnapped by King Spiky. Therefore, you have a responsibility of assisting the male bird to rescue his lover. Are you ready to come to Stacky Bird and help the bird complete the goal?

Instruction to play the game

As I mentioned above, your goal in this game is to help the bird to rescue his lover. In order to conduct this aim, you have to navigate your bird to reach the castle of King Spiky. On the way to the castle, there are thousands of challenges that you have to go through. Stacking squares together is an effective way for you to be able to overcome them. It's really important to pay attention to every step of the bird. Because it's easy for your bird to collide with the barriers. As a result, the bird will fall down and you lose the game. In addition, if you successfully avoid obstacles three times in a row, you can shoot eggs at them to pass. Finally, Moto X3M Winter is a welcome game recently in the gaming world. After rescuing the female bird, don't hesitate to play this racing game.

Guild control

  • Click the left mouse to stack squares.
  • Hold the left mouse to fly.

Great features of Stacky Bird

  • The game consists of many levels, and you will face more difficult challenges when playing at higher levels. Moreover, you will continue the game with a special level after 5 levels.
  • On the special level, you can control the bird to shoot at anything on the way. This is also an opportunity for you to collect more coins.
  • The game offers a lot of daily tasks for you to do. You are able to unlock new skins or get lots of coins after completing these daily tasks. You can also use your coins to buy new skins in the store.
  • This arcade game has no limited elements. Therefore, anyone can experience this game from home to school without worrying about anything.