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Moto X3M Winter


Attractive gameplay of Moto X3M Winter

Embark on the motorbike racing winter league in Moto X3M Winter. Burn your tires on snowy and icy racetracks and reach the finish line in the shortest time.

Attend the motorbike races

The motorbike racing winter league is taking place in this game. If you are a professional biker and want to show off your driving skills, do not ignore this game. Play it to join different motorbike races now. In the race, you have no rival. Your objective is to cross the finish line in the shortest time to get three stars. Be careful as the way to the finish line is extremely treacherous. You will encounter a variety of deadly obstacles along the way. They can be bombs, arrows, buzzsaws, and so on. After you touch them, you will die. In particular, the racetrack has many stunt loops and ramps. When going through them, you can lose your balance easily and fall. It is a good idea to hold the left or right arrow keys while you race. This helps you to keep balanced at all times.

Furthermore, you can see many traffic lights where the snowman is placed. They are called checkpoints. When you go through the checkpoint, the light will turn green. If you, unfortunately, collide with traps or fall, you will reappear at the checkpoint that you have just passed through. Do not forget to collect the rockets which are scattered on the road. They will help to increase your speed dramatically.

Developer and release date

This fourth version was developed by MadPuffers who also created Basketball Stars. The developer launched this game as a Flash game in December 2017 to celebrate Christmas. It was released as an HTML5 game in November 2018 and is playable on both PC and mobile devices.

How to control

  • Press an Up Arrow Key to move forward.
  • press a Down Arrow Key to stop.
  • Press Left-Right Arrow Keys to keep balanced.

New things in Moto X3M Winter

More challenging levels

This new installment has more levels than previous ones. Specifically, there are 25 levels with increasing degrees of difficulty. Unlike other versions, the tracks in this game are decorated with snowmen, baubles, colorful ropes, and so on. Furthermore, the higher the level, the further it is from the starting point to the finish line. Moreover, the number of obstacles along the way also rises corresponding to the levels. Play this game every day to master the driving skill and conquer all tracks in the game. Let's prove that you are the best biker.

More cool motorbikes

In this game, you are offered three characters. The first one is the biker wearing red clothes and driving a red motorbike. This character is available for gameplay at the start of the game. The second one is the biker who wears green clothes and drives a green motorbike. This character costs 15 stars. Finally, the special character in this new edition is Santa driving a red cruiser. Its price is 40 stars. Accumulate as many stars as possible to buy your favorite character now.