About Stack Ball

If you are looking for a simple but effective game to help you relieve stress, Stack Ball is the answer for you. You will conquer the colorful towers in this game by breaking their brick floors.

Your goal in the Stack Ball

In Stack Ball, you will control the round ball on the spiral tower and start breaking the layers of that tower, while bringing the ball down to the finish line and avoiding the black parts of each floor. If you accidentally collide with the black part of the tower floor, the ball will break immediately and you have lost. Completing each tower will give you a level-up. There is a game quite similar to this game, which is Smash Ball 3D. However, in this game, the tower will have more colors, and you can only destroy the brick floors that have the same color as the ball. Any block of different colors can make you win when trying to destroy them.

How to control

Use the mouse to control.

Attractive graphics of the game

Ball bounce effect with a steady tempo. When diving, the ball will be slightly compressed and destroy a series of layers of the tower. Moreover, the towers are also designed with bright colors, creating a sense of excitement for players. Stack Ball has no background music. However, you can hear the beat of the ball on the tower, when rushing down to destroy the floors, this sound will resound in succession, very pleasant to hear. In particular, When continuously breaking floors, the ball will gradually burn and in this state, you can break the black parts easily. The burning state only lasts for a while, be careful not to break the ball when it hits the black part of the tower floor. When the ball is on fire, it will give off a realistic simulated puffing sound, the ball will look a lot stronger.