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Snake Game


About Snake Game

Snake Game is a popular classic snake game. This is a trendy and addictive game for many years. Join now and enjoy the best moments of this simple snake game.

Control your Snake on the board to eat the apple, defeat your enemies.

On a bordered plane, the player controls a dot, square, or object. It leaves a trail in its wake that resembles a snake moving forward. In some games, the trail's end is fixed, causing the snake to keep growing longer as it moves. Another popular design places the moving tail a predetermined distance from the head of a snake of a certain length. When the snake collides with another object, the screen border, or itself, the player loses.

How long can you hold out before being turned into dinner by your tail? Accept the challenge and consume every apple! Test out every Snake Game within the game, then become one of the persistent players to enter our hall of fame. Ready? Try it out!

How to play

You can view your stats while you are playing the game. A leaderboard can be found in the screen's upper right corner. Here, you can see both your opponent's and your own ranking. Find out who is number one in the match and defeat them. You should set the username before starting the game. Your name could then appear on the leaderboard. On the leaderboard, you can also see details like the number of opponents you have eliminated. As an alternative, a mini-map at the bottom of the screen lets you keep track of your location. Other competitors' positions are also visible. The upper left corner of the screen also shows the length of your snake.

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