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Monster Rush


Collect pokemon in Monster Rush

If you are a fan of pokemon, you will not be able to resist this exciting game. Join Satoshi to collect as many pokemon as possible and then fight other opponents in Monster Rush.

Join the pokemon search in Monster Rush

In the game, you will play the character Satoshi. You need to run to the finish line as soon as possible. But at the finish line of Monster Rush, there are opponents and monsters waiting for you, so you need to prepare for this battle. On the way, there will be many egg balls, collect as much as possible. Then at the doors, you will see pokemon, you need to use the eggs you have to shoot these pokemon and collect them. Try to collect as many pokemon as possible, they will help you fight the enemy. When you reach the finish line, your pokemon will fight the enemy and if you win, tap-tap to shoot the opponent far away and get lots of diamonds. If you want to join a more intense fight, go to Devil Cry. In this game, you will be a swordsman, fighting countless enemies to win.

How to control

Use the mouse to control.

What's on the track of Monster Rush

In addition to eggs, there are many other items in Monster Rush such as diamonds or blue pokemon balls that help increase the power of your pokemon. Besides, the green doors with the up arrow also have the same effect of increasing strength, but it will be the opposite if you go through the red door. Be careful. Completing many different levels, you will be able to unlock many different monsters. In addition, you will also unlock hats for your character thanks to the number of diamonds collected. Choose your favorite hat.