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Moto X3M: Pool Party


About Moto X3M: Pool Party

Moto X3M: Pool Party is a new version of the Moto X3M series of games. In this game, one's track will be designed with a different theme than the previous versions, you will be driving back to a water park.

Your mission in Moto X3M: Pool Party

On the extreme track of Moto X3M: Pool Party, you will have to overcome many dangerous challenges such as sharp obstacles or cut-off tracks. If you are not careful and let yourself collide with obstacles or hit the wall of the track, you will be injured and have to play again. In this game, your number of lives is infinite, you can play over and over again, but the game will calculate the time you spend to pass each level. And based on that time calculate the number of stars you get when completing the levels. You can keep the momentum to climb steep sections of the track and even fly up. While in the air, you can perform acrobatics to earn extra points. As mentioned, the Moto X3M series has many different versions, including the Moto X3M Winter. If you are interested in an icy track, visit and experience it now.

How to control

Use the mouse to control.

Exciting features of Moto X3M: Pool Party

There are many levels for you to explore in Moto X3M: Pool Party. In particular, the difficulty of the levels will be different and increase gradually. Moreover, through each level, players will witness great ideas from game makers, it could be that you will control a car moving in a lifebuoy to overcome challenges or obstacles. Extremely diversely designed obstacles take players from surprise to surprise and make them more and more interested and curious with Moto X3M: Pool Party. In addition, players can change skins for their characters and motocross bikes. You can choose one of three different skins by exchanging the stars you accumulate. These skins do not give you extra power on the track, but they are aesthetically pleasing. If you are an aesthetic lover, choose a character with the motor that you feel most comfortable with to accompany you on the upcoming races.