About Sling Drift

In this game, there are many twists and turns that constantly appear. Use your amazing reflexes to help the car pass them.

Your mission

On Sling Drift, your car is moving on a green road. However, this is not an easy straight road, it is a winding road with many sharp turns. Your task is to control the car so that it can turn left or right according to those bends without crashing out off the track. Either you do this task well and earn a lot of points, or the game will be over. Remember, the more bends you pass, the more points you earn. If you are bored with this game, would you like to try another car-driving game? Although it is also a car driving game, Car Eats Car: Volcanic Adventure will require you to face a lot of difficulties. You need to defeat all enemies and save your friends in this game.

How to control Sling Drift

To control your car in Sling Drift, simply use your mouse. Get ready to experience an addictive game that will keep you entertained for hours.

Impressive features of Sling Drift

In Sling Drift, at the end of each game, your closest score as well as your highest score will be displayed. Score as many points as you can and let us know what you're capable of with this addictive game. In addition, this game offers you a lot of cars with different colors. However, instead of you having to decide for yourself, the game will help you do this. Each time you play a new game, you will be given a random car to join the race. Not only Sling Drift has beautiful and attractive graphics but also has realistic sound. Each brake sound every time you drive is extremely realistic, giving players the feeling that they are driving in reality. This is a game suitable for all ages, anyone can come to Sling Drift and enjoy relaxing moments.