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Car Eats Car: Volcanic Adventure


About Car Eats Car: Volcanic Adventure

Play Car Eats Car: Volcanic Adventure to become a great racer. A dramatic race has started. Do you have the confidence to defeat all enemies and save friends?


Did you have a great experience with this game? That gets even better with Car Eats Car: Volcanic Adventure. Everything here gets really severe, you get an onslaught from the enemy. They never stop chasing you and want to take you down. You have to be faster and stronger than them. By collecting eggs and gems you can upgrade your car to become more powerful.

You need to keep in mind that you are on the volcano track. Your mission is to control your car to complete this track. Neither you nor your enemy can withstand the ravages of the volcano. So, watch out for lava on your track. To explore this area, your car is specially designed. You must try your best to reach the finish line and move to the following level. However, the finish line is not simple to approach. You will have a lot of difficulties. They may be lethal traps that are placed all throughout. It seems to be exceedingly tough for you to avoid the jagged thorns. Strange entities are also attempting to stop you from crossing the finish line. Make every effort to get the car out of this struggling situation.

In addition, do not forget to collect many gems. They will help you to upgrade your car. You will own other powerful cars. As a result, you can complete all levels easily. When finishing all levels, you can move to Bitlife.

How to control

  • Use X, Z, and L.SHIFT to activate the turbo.
  • Use the right arrow to turn right.
  • Use A to turn left.
  • Use W or up arrow to gas.
  • Use S or down arrow to brake.
  • Use SPACE to use the bomb.

Some features of Car Eats Car: Volcanic Adventure.

Fight against the enemy and save friends

You can play the game on several levels. In order to go through a lot of levels, you must encounter a lot of challenges. The difficulty also increases gradually with each level. It requires your skillful driving skills. Fortunately, when a new level unlocks, You will be given a new gadget or power-up to take down the enemy. The next levels will be unlocked when you complete the previous level. Come and unlock all the levels.

Take down the enemy with some gadgets

  • A magnet is the first gadget you can get. When you have this gadget, you can attract many gems without going through them.
  • Bombs replicators will be generated slowly in the stock. You can use them to clean some traps on the track or destroy some enemies. There are three kinds of bombs. The first is the Frag bomb. It will add more damage by frag. Next, the Flame bomb has a larger blast area and damage. The Cluster bomb is a heavy weapon that covers the blast area.
  • An Empty emitter can paralyze enemies around you. As a result, you can overcome them safely. But they can work for a short time. So you must be careful unless you will lose.