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Slime Ball


Instructions to play Slime Ball

Are you a sports game lover? Especially the football game, Slime Ball was born for you. Create epic shots into the opponent's net and hit more balls to win.

The playing rules

Control your cute little character in the match and block the ball, push the ball into the opponent's net to win. At the start of a match the time will be 2:00. At the end of time, whoever has the most balls in the net will win. Try to be proficient and quick to use your kicks well, attack and defend smartly to always put the ball into the net easily and overwhelm your opponent in every match. In order for your skill to improve, you should play it more every day, The guideline is "to have iron work with a day on the needle". Wish you always play the game in the most fun way! If you want to conquer some more football-related games, Real Football Challenge will probably do this well. Join now to become the best soccer player in the world.

How to control

Player 1

  • Use W, A, D to move and jump
  • Spacebar to throw the ball

Player 2

  • Use arrow keys to play
  • P to throw the ball

There are two game modes for you to choose

Single player mode

In this mode, there will be a total of four levels. You will be playing as well as training with the robot. Try to win the first level so you can unlock more exciting levels next

Two-player mode

In this mode, there are also four extremely attractive levels waiting for you to unlock. You can play this mode with your friends and relatives on the same computer. Similar to single player mode. You need to win to unlock the next level.