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Real Football Challenge


About Real Football Challenge

The gameplay

Become a football player in a funny sports game which is Real Football Challenge. You need to control your ball and shoot skillful balls into your enemy's goal.

With this easy and appealing game, it is certain that this game will make you addicted. Choose your nationality to start the game. You are the blue team and play on the right pitch. After that, you need to guide the ball into the goal of your opponent's team. Hold and drag the left computer mouse to aim the ball. Then, release the mouse to shoot it. You also have your team and the opponent's team. You need to use effective strategies and arrange your squad to help your team to score a goal. Remember that teamwork is very important. Take advantage of your teamwork skill and enemies' weaknesses to beat the game. You will have the time to think about strategies carefully. Try your best and defeat the opponent's goalkeeper. Control the match and score a goal as soon as possible to get a high point. After you win a match, you can move to the next level and get points with your cup. At the high level, you need to put more effort to become the winner. You need to overcome the complex squad of your opponents and talented goalkeeper. You can retry the game many times.

If the opponent team can catch your ball or you shoot the ball out of the pitch, you will lose that match. You will get the victory if you overcome the enemy's goalkeeper to score in the opponent's net. Will you give up or become the leader of the strongest football team? Besides this game, you can try Bitliffe which will also be one of your interesting choices.

How to play: Use your mouse to play

Developer and platform

This game was developed by Gameloft SE. It is playable on mobile phones and desktop devices such as computers, laptops, or Macs. It was released in November 2022.

Remarkable things about Real Football Challenge

All the levels of the game

This game brings you a variety of levels with intensified difficulty. The first level is the easiest level because you have the time to get acquainted with the pitch and the ball. At the next level, you need to deal with more opponents. The number of enemies will increase in the next levels. You need to control all of them and use reasonable strategies to create beautiful goals. After each match, you have the chance to level up and get a score. At high levels, you need to overcome the complexity of the rival squad and clever players and goalkeepers. After you win a match, you can move to the next level.

The graphics and effects

The game gives you the feeling of being a part of the global football championship. You can imagine a big cup competition with spectators, opposing teams, goalkeepers, or the net. The matches are designed with eye-catching images, vivid sounds, and engaging gameplay. It is expected to bring you unforgettable moments.