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Slenderman Must Die: Silent Streets


About Slenderman Must Die: Silent Streets

Slenderman Must Die: Silent Streets is a horror adventure game in which you must find eight hidden pages scattered throughout an abandoned city.

Slenderman Must Die: Silent Streets is a suspenseful first-person shooter with horror elements. You're trapped in a small village and must search for the legendary Slenderman who haunts the streets - this iconic figure has plagued people throughout history. There are two stories to pick from in the game Slenderman Must Die: Silent Streets. The first is Silent Streets, where you must locate eight pages in a very silent city before Slenderman captures you. Always be ready because he will hunt you down whenever you find a page! The Christmas Special is the second tale. In this tale, you must locate seven gifts that have been hidden nearby. Watch out for those gingerbread men, despite their adorable appearance, they are dangerous foes. Naturally, Slenderman is everywhere, so you had better avoid running into him. But fear not—in both tales, you will be armed with weapons, and memos can be found all over the maps. Find those gifts and pages quickly before Slenderman finds you, and defend yourself at all costs! Join Getting Over Snow to experience more extremely attractive Christmas themes waiting for you to conquer!

How to Controls

  • WASD or arrow keys to walk around
  • Left click to fire
  • Right-click to aim
  • G to throw a grenade
  • R to reload the gun
  • F to pick up the item
  • Shift to sprint
  • Ctrl to crouch
  • C to prone
  • Space bar to jump