Getting Over Snow is a challenging climbing game. You will try to climb a mountain covered with snow and ice. It's a journey you'll never forget!

Christmas is coming up, so you can start playing in the snow and climbing mountains without ever leaving your house. You did indeed read that correctly. You can access all of this immediately. Not only is it a lot of fun, but it also puts your timing, accuracy, hand-eye coordination, speed, and timing to the test.

Getting Over Snow is a skill-based game that incorporates climbing elements. You'll be attempting to ascend a snow- and ice-covered mountain. It's a journey you won't soon forget! This game is evidence that anything can turn up while hiking in the mountains. Killer eagles patiently wait for other prey while perching atop mountains in enormous pots or on red spikes scattered throughout. On your journey, there will no doubt be plenty of surprises. Get climbing and grab a hammer! By clicking on your character, you can modify the length of your tool. Make sure the measurements are accurate to prevent wild animal attacks or other dangers. To continue climbing, keep your character close to the gems or treasures. These valuables will be useful at the game store later. The game shop offers hammer sleeves and unlockable character skins. Find out how many gems are available, how far you can climb the mountain, and how many levels there are. We have already had this experience. You can refer to Getting Over It with gameplay similar to the game Getting Over Snow. Join the game now to break the record and get the highest score possible.

How to play: Move and swing using a mouse or finger.