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Santa On Wheelie Bike


Santa On Wheelie Bike is an entertaining and addictive casual game. Do your best to complete the challenges well and celebrate this Christmas with Santa.

About Santa On Wheelie Bike

How Long Can You Keep the Wheels? Santa On Wheelie Bike is an addictive fun casual game. Balance your unicycle for as long as possible. Try to perform the longest ever and celebrate Christmas with Santa. In this game, climb aboard Santa's bike and embark on an amazing journey! The world's greatest motorcyclist may not be Santa Claus. You take a ride with him and push him to his limits, as sleazy as he appears to be. Prepare yourself for the ride of a lifetime and start holding on tight right away.

Features of the game

This game doesn't exactly resemble a traditional motorcycle game. To move Santa On Wheelie Bike game, you must maintain the balance on your own. When the game first begins, Santa will be riding a motorcycle. You only need to click the left click to move him. The tricky part is that you can't just let the mouse fall to the ground by taking your hands off of him. You'll lose that round and have to start over. You must carefully click on the left click to balance the bike so that he doesn't fall or roll back while traveling the route. There are no dead ends on the road, so you can always start over. However, let's see how long you can go without failing by giving it your all. You can refer to Aquapark Surfer Race for more exciting new experiences.

How to controls in Santa On Wheelie Bike

The up key can be used for jumping and the down key for sliding.