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Aquapark Surfer Race


About Aquapark Surfer Race

In this surfing game, Aquapark Surfer Race allows you to race with many other players. Are you ready to join the race and win the championship?

Your mission in this racing game

Coming to this addictive game, you will become a surf racer. Your task is to complete the track as soon as possible and try to become the champion. However, doing this will not be easy. You will face difficulties in many aspects such as strong opponents, and obstacles such as lifebuoys, and bombs. Stay away from all of them to protect yourself. When you outrun all your opponents and take the lead in the race, you'll be marked with a crown for the champion. The longer you survive on the track, the higher the score and the number of coins you get. If you like speed games like Aquapark Surfer Race then Tunnel Rush Mania is also a game for you. Join the racing tunnel of the game and enjoy extreme speed in this first-person game.

How to control

Use the mouse to control.

Some notes for you in the game

In addition to obstacles, on the track of Aquapark Surfer Race there is also a speed board, move into it to suddenly accelerate and overtake your opponent. Besides, you can knock your opponent to eliminate them, but you can also be knocked out of the track by them. Be careful! At the end of the race, you will see the number of points and coins you received, along with your highest score. You will receive coins, and with these coins, you can use them to unlock new skins for the character. Make your character more stylish and interesting. Whether you have the ability to wear a champion's crown, prove it in the Aquapark Surfer Race.