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Rolling Ball 3D


Welcome to Rolling Ball 3D which is a game where your ball will automatically run forward. Your aim is to conquer the track in the game. Are you ready to enjoy the crazy rolling ball?

Rolling Ball 3D information

Your mission in Rolling Ball 3D

As I mentioned earlier, reaching the end of the track is your ultimate goal in this rolling game. In specific, your ball will roll forward on its own on dangerous slopes. The deadly slopes have many barriers and are often broken. Therefore, your need to use the left and right arrow keys to navigate the ball to the left and to the right. As a result, your ball does not fall off the track and does not collide with the red obstacles. The speed of the game will increase as you go further. Moreover, the speed will increase even more as you steer the ball into slanted boards. They can even help you fly higher.

Besides various obstacles, the game also provides useful items like blue diamonds. You should collect them because they have useful at a certain time. The game consists of many levels but as you play it will automatically level up and when you are eliminated from the track you will have to start over. In addition, if this game is quite challenging for you, you can warm up with a similar game named Slope 3.

Instruction to control

Players use their left and right arrow keys or the A and D keys to direct the ball.

Attractive features of Rolling Ball 3D

  • After each play, the system will display on the screen both your last match score and your highest score. That way, you can see your outstanding achievements already. In addition, you can use the diamonds you collect on the track to buy the necessary items. It can be a shield that helps you go through any obstacle or a magnet and x2 that helps you collect more diamonds.
  • The game allows you to change the skin of the ball. As long as you have a lot of diamonds, you can buy and change the skin for the ball. In the store there are many beautiful ball skins, unlock and own yourself a ball you think is the most interesting and reasonable.
  • The graphics and sound effects of this game are also great. Its graphics are designed with high buildings and tracks in the air. For sound effects, when you play the game while enjoying its sounds, you will have more energy to play the game.