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Slope 3


About Slope 3

Slope 3 is an endless racing ball game between bottomless deep slopes. Drive a rolling ball down a series of ramps, avoid obstacles and score high.

The slope game's attraction is created by its clean design, vibrant 3D neon graphics, and easy physics. Furthermore, the basic aspects of physics were considered while building the game, demonstrating that the game is as realistic as possible through the virtual look. All of them lead to the unexpected allure of Slope 3. After a long day at school or college, you can escape into the virtual world to relieveom on the playground. If you're bored or anxious and looking for a means to reduce stress and enhance your energy, this game is for you.nto the deep, you shouldn't hold the keyboard keys for too long.

How to play game

  • A/Left arrow = Move left
  • D/Right arrow = Move right

Tips to get the high score

  • Balancing the ball on the plane
  • Move quickly when rolling on the track