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Rocket Bot Royale


Fierce battles in Rocket Bot Royale

Join Rocket Bot Royale with many other players in the world, you will control a tank with many weapons to participate in the battle. Although the terrain is quite complicated, you still have to fight and avoid being attacked.

Fight against enemies in Rocket Bot Royale

In this game, your tank companion participates in the battle between battle tanks. You will have to face a lot of players from all over the world. Control your tank to shoot down opponents, but also need to avoid to not fall into the water. To do so, you should shoot to the ground so that your tank will bounce to a higher and safer area. You can also dig tunnels to hide and collect loot to upgrade your arsenal. However, if you are bored with this game, try playing Devil Cry. This will be another fierce battleground for you where you will fight with enemies and monsters.

How to control

  • Press the A, and D or arrow keys to move
  • Click the mouse to attack.

Rocket Bot Royale game modes

Rocket Bot Royale game has three attractive game modes, solo, red vs blue, and form a squad. In solo mode, you will fight against 31 other players on your own. Your task is to control your tank to shoot down as many opponents as possible. In red vs blue mode, you and other players will be divided into two teams which are the red team and the blue team. The two teams will fight each other to find the winner. And the other mode, form a squad, is the mode for you and your friends. You can log in and team up with your friends to fight other tanks. Try to collect items and fight hard, to become the winner in Rocket Bot Royale.