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Devil Cry


About Devil Cry

Devil Cry is a fascinating sword-fighting game. You will play as a great swordsman, fighting with many other enemies, every time you kill an enemy, you will receive gems. How many evil enemies can you destroy?

Finishing the objective in Devil Cry

Participating in Devil Cry, you will experience various demon skies where you encounter many enemies. They not only single attack you, but also they attack in groups. At that time, you can use your skills like dodge, chop, flash, wave, and thorn. In addition, you can be equipped with some great skills, and have the chance to upgrade them. After each kill, you will receive some gems and they will be useful for you later. Besides, if you would like to join another game, you can try Trollface Quest: Horror 2. In this game, you can role-play a character and help them finish the missions.

How to control

  • Press the J key to attack.
  • Press the L key to dodge.
  • Press the O key to chop.
  • Press the I key to flash.
  • Press the U key to use the wave skill.
  • Press the K key to use the thorn skill.
  • Press the WASD keys to move.

What is in the Devil Cry game

There are four swordplay female characters in Devil Cry, you can choose the one you love and unlock her to bring her to the battles. The characters all have descriptions so you can know their strengths, thereby choosing the appropriate character. In addition, the weapons you own can be upgraded with gems. You can also forge swords in the Forging section. In particular, you will receive many gifts in the Sign and Sless section. While the Sign only gives you gifts once a day, in the Bless you will receive more weapons in a certain interval, maybe every few minutes.